Thank you very much for visiting me. It gives me joy to share with you my writings and photo art. Material is explicit mixed with non-explicit, all things romance. Publication of eBook will be made available to public soon, my collection of writings for purchase through my site. My current socials, please visit me at meiralovepoems on Reddit and jasminebyemoon on Vero.


What is on your mind tonight?
I do not believe to be made in no image of God, God and universe are too great for me to be compared to such. I think, humans and our egos sometimes. I am given life, right here and right now, and I appreciate only this life as it has been given to me by my mama. When I leave this existence, I ask, have I been kind…


  1. What do you write?
    My writing passions are poetry and short scenes, landscape, sensuality, romance and love. My current writings are a mix of taboo lover lost, a cat’s love, a little music, the man who cares from heart, and the man who loves from parts of his body and soul I have dreams of… City to ocean to nowhere. I write when I feel something attach and cling to my heart. And many of my writing pieces are connected, and each stand alone, too. All are moments. Every part of me is in my photo art, words.

  2. Are your photos original?
    Yes. They start as very basic photo. I use iPhone and Nikon Z30 with a 16-50mm lens. I edit with iPhoto app, GIMP and Photoshop to create art that relates to my writings and mood. I’m very happy when editing my photos and do so for hours.

  3. Do you have a history with music?
    Yes. Classically trained in piano, violin, composition. I’ve studied at The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, various universities and conservatories throughout life. I, now, only play for my joy. I have a very intimate tie to music and sounds, an impulse towards, provocative for me. Writings are created through rhyme, I insert cadence into each and they mean to read lyrical and, hopefully, meaningful. I create my own sounds, play and listen to many genres. I adore sounds from around the world, and the sounds that make me think of home. Portuguese fado, arabic music, spanish guitar and jazz in the minor keys, all make me feel things. My home is in gospel, blues, crooner and classical - familiar sounds from childhood, to me, that are the beginning roots from where I’ve grown.

  4. Loves?
    I’m very vegan. It is a very certain thing in my life. Animals, too, are living beings and very precious to this earth. I wish more humans to understand, that would make me most happy. I adore international cinema to include Indian, Turkish, Israeli and Korean cinemas. Hayao Miyazaki’s works, and psychological thrillers.

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