Lover be to me.

Lover be to me, everything.
To see you, beyond a moment,
Between pillows,
And cotton layers.
To study your body,
Like, the stars of constellations,
Anticipation and,
Long stares.

What makes you move like that,
Moan like that, and,
Close your eyes.

If heaven were ever,
A place I could go,
I would ask for,
Only you to be there.
Next to me, in that space,
Allowing religion and,
Air to move between,
A place that kisses,
The top of clouds.

I would envy,
The breath that is,
Permitted to touch your lips.
Can I trace them both with my fingertips.
And then, let both lips take over me.
Like, on Sunday,
By the river,
When choir preaches gospel,
Old and New Testaments.

My redemption…
To feel,
All the most important,
Parts of you…
Your arms that protect,
Works of art covered in my kiss, and,
One for each eyelash,
Casting shadows across your amber,

Your hand that moves me,
I’ll lace into mine.
Caressing around your heart,
I would taste,
To feel your pulse on my tongue.

Inside of me, your,
Mouth sucking my breast,
Quench yourself, selfishly…
Where else would you,
Wish me to be.
Tell me, Prince,
Am I yours.

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