My African daisy.

The shape of your petals,
Invite me for a talk.
A kind love, just for you.
I cannot turn back.
You are extraordinary,
Radiating even within the dark.
In indigo,
Shining under a blue desert moon.
Burnt orange,
Glowing from inside of you.
If only a moment to be with you,
Just to admire you,
And your sunshine,
And to feel,
That happy side of blue.
You make me smile,
Just to look at you.
I smile even more,
When you look, too.
Bronze face,
During hours of sun.
Surrounding yourself,
By ocean blue.
Sometimes feeling you,
Admiring me, too.
I’ll dine in the late afternoon,
Watching over you.
Until the next time,
I talk to you,
Under indigo blue.
And to feel only,
Solitary sweetness,
Cast by you, my African daisy,
Under blue desert moon.

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